ClassLink Single Sign On

ClassLink Single Sign-On (SSO) enables students, teachers, and admins to log in and access all DreamBox applications from the same place.


Who Can Access DreamBox Applications Using ClassLink SSO?

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • School Administrators
  • District Administrators

To set up ClassLink SSO, your district needs to do three things:

  1. Complete the Integrations & Access Request Form.
  2. Set up ClassLink SSO.
  3. Share all students and staff members who should have access to DreamBox applications via ClassLink. 
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.png For customers using DreamBox Math: If you create a student or staff member through the DreamBox Math dashboard and do not share the student or staff member through ClassLink, they will not be able to log in via ClassLink SSO. 


How Do I Set Up ClassLink SSO?

If you are a new DreamBox customer or are adding a new DreamBox product this year, DreamBox Customer Support needs to create your DreamBox license before you can begin to set up ClassLink SSO. If you are an existing or returning customer using all DreamBox products, this step is already complete.  

After your DreamBox product license has been created, there are two ways to set up ClassLink SSO with DreamBox:

  • Set up SSO via OAuth (recommended) After you share your first roster file with DreamBox, DreamBox Customer Support will reach out to confirm they have added your district tenant ID to DreamBox and are ready for you to add the DreamBox app in ClassLink.
  • Assign the DreamBox OAuth SSO app in your ClassLink Launchpad.
  • Click here for more information on how to add apps and customize applications.
  • Click here for more information about ClassLink LaunchPad and My Apps.
  • Set up SSO via SAMLSet up your ClassLink SAML console to connect with DreamBox.
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.png Click here for step-by-step directions to set up ClassLink SAML. 
  • Share the IDP Metadata URL with our Customer Support Team. This is a unique URL for your district.
  • After configuring your SSO, Customer Support will share a DreamBox product logo and redirect URL. Use these to set up a link to DreamBox.
  • The last step of the set-up process is to test your SSO authentication.


Need Additional Help?

Please contact DreamBox Customer Support and ClassLink Technical Support if you have any questions. 


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