Creating and Updating DreamBox Administrator Accounts: Clever

If your district uses Clever to create and manage rosters in DreamBox Math, Reading Park, or Reading Plus all staff members who need access must be shared by your district via Clever. In addition to streamlining the rostering process by managing all users via Clever, you can also simplify how users access DreamBox programs district-wide by leveraging Clever SSO and Instant Login.

This article provides an overview of how to create and manage administrator accounts for DreamBox products via Clever. If you need additional information or help, please use the linked resources below or reach out to the Clever Support team directly. 

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Determine which staff members need access to DreamBox products and what they need to be able to see and do

Staff members who are not associated with a classroom may need access to Math, Reading Park, or Reading Plus in order to track student data, coach teachers, or troubleshoot technical issues. You can add individual staff members directly to Clever, bypassing a district's SIS sync. After you have added them to Clever, they can log in using your district's Clever login method. We recommend you create DreamBox product administrator accounts for all non-teaching staff members who should have access to DreamBox programs.

Administrator Permissions in DreamBox Products

There are two kinds of administrators in Math, Reading Park, and Reading Plus: district and school-level administrators. Each type has different permissions in DreamBox. 

Permissions in DreamBox

District-level DreamBox administrators
Have access to all schools, teachers, and classrooms in the district, including district-level reporting.
School-Level DreamBox administratorsHave access to the school's information, all teachers, classrooms, and students at the school. School-level administrators also have access to school-level reporting. You can grant staff members access to multiple schools without granting them district-level access. 

Creating School-Level Administrators via Clever

You can create administrator accounts for staff members even if they do not have a designated roster in your district’s student information system (SIS). All non-teaching staff (principals, counselors, schedulers, etc) are referred to as Staff in Clever.

DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.pngClick here to learn more about the difference between Staff and Teacher roles in Clever. 

There are multiple ways to create administrator accounts in Clever:

  • Sync Staff users in Bulk: Add and manage staff accounts in bulk in your Clever dashboard. There are three ways to do this. Click the links below to access directions for each method. 
  • Individually: Add accounts manually via Custom Staff
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.pngClick here to learn how to create individual staff accounts in the Clever dashboard. 

You can also assign School Tech Lead Clever Permissions to Staff accounts
When you create Staff accounts, you can also assign them permissions in Clever to facilitate implementation tasks for DreamBox products. Clever Staff accounts (School-level DreamBox administrators) can be assigned one of two Clever roles. 
  • Portal Access (default): Staff members can log into Clever and access district learning applications, but they have no administrative permissions in Clever. 
  • School Tech Lead: Depending on the settings in Clever, School Tech Leads can adjust Clever sharing permissions, customize the Clever portal, and troubleshoot teacher issues for connected, associated, schools. This role could be helpful for a school-based instructional coach, IT support, or DreamBox facilitator. 
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.pngClick here for more information on the School Tech Lead permissions and how to update the permissions of a staff account. 

Creating District-Level Administrators via Clever

The only way to create and share staff members who should have district administrator permissions in one or more DreamBox products is to make them district administrators in Clever via the Team page. When you create new district administrators, you will also assign them roles and permissions in Clever.

Educators who have been made district-level administrators through Clever will be granted the following overarching permissions in Clever.

  • Customized administrative access to Clever depending on their role (see roles below)
  • District-level access to all vendors in their district rosters via Clever

A Clever Admin needs to create a district administrator account through Clever in order to set their Clever roles and permissions. These settings will not affect their permissions in DreamBox. Users assigned one of the following roles in Clever will have district-level permissions in DreamBox. 

  • Clever Admin: The most permissive; these users can see and adjust all Clever features.
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.pngClick here for directions on how to add or remove Clever Admins. 
  • District Helpdesk: These users can sign in via Clever SSO, view login metrics, reports, and access troubleshooting tools including resetting passwords.
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.pngClick here for directions on how to add or remove District Helpdesk users.
  • District Curriculum Lead: These users can sign in via Clever SSO, view login metrics, and see reports in the Clever dashboard.
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.pngClick here for directions on how to add or remove District Curriculum Leads. 

Alternatively, a district can use the Clever Staff file to add school-level permissions for all schools in a district. This means that these users will be granted access to school-level reports in DreamBox products, but not district-level reports. 

DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.pngNote: Granting a user school-level access to all schools in a district will not grant a user district-level access in DreamBox. You must assign them a district-level role in Clever.


Sharing and Managing Administrator Accounts via Clever

You can share Staff accounts the same way you share teachers and students

DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.pngClick here to open directions on how to share Staff via Clever. 

After you add administrator accounts via Clever, any updates you make to these accounts via Clever will appear in DreamBox products within one business day. If you stop sharing an administrator account the user will lose access to DreamBox products unless you start sharing their account again. This helps you see and control permissions for all users who have access to Math, Reading Park, and/or Reading Plus. 

DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.pngNote: Updates may not be visible immediately the next morning. Please allow time for the DreamBox Customer Support team to review the changes and process your update.
  • Click here for more information on how DreamBox Customer Support reviews and processes updates.



Q: What do I do if I can share administrators via Clever but I can't assign the appropriate DreamBox role in Clever?

A: Sometimes it is difficult to assign staff members the appropriate DreamBox product role in Clever. Depending on the product you are using, take the following next steps:

Reading Plus and Reading Park
Please reach out directly to DreamBox Customer Support. We would be happy to help.

If you are sharing staff members via Clever, you can update their roles and permissions in DreamBox Math from the Educator tab in your dashboard. Updates you make in the Educator tab will remain the same even if those user accounts have different roles and permissions in Clever.

To share administrators via Clever and update roles in DreamBox Math:

  1. Share these administrators via Clever with the permissions you are comfortable assigning in Clever. These accounts should be created in DreamBox within one business day. 
  2. Open the Educator tab, locate the educators' accounts, and update their DreamBox roles.
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.pngClick here to learn more about how to access and use the Educator tab.


Q: What do I do if I can't share specific Math or Reading Plus administrators via Clever?
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.pngAll Reading Park administrators must be created via your rostering method. 

Depending on the product you are using, take the following next steps:

Reading Plus
Please reach out directly to DreamBox Customer Support. We would be happy to help. 

Depending on your rostering permissions, you can manually create new Math administrator accounts inside your dashboard.

DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.pngNote: Any user accounts created outside of Clever will not be able to sign in via Single Sign-On (SSO).

Before you create a brand-new Math account for an administrator, confirm they do not already exist in DreamBox Math by searching for them in the Educators tab. Depending on how many Math administrators accounts you need to create, we recommend using the guidelines below:

1-5 new Math administrators
Manually create each account in the Educators tab.
  • Click here to open directions on how to create a new administrator in the Educators tab.
More than 5 new Math administrators
Upload a list of new educators and their information using the Insight Roster Upload feature in the Roster Upload tab. 
  • Click here to learn more about the overall Insight Roster Upload process, including directions on how to prepare the Educator spreadsheet. 
  • Click here to learn more about how to prepare the Educator spreadsheet.
Q: What do I do if I can't create Math administrators in the Educator's tab in my dashboard?

Depending on your district's roster management settings, you will have Edit or View Only access in the Educator Tab. Click here to learn more about what this looks like in the tab and what next steps to take. 

Q: What do I do if I need to remove administrator accounts from any DreamBox product that weren't created via Clever?

If you need to remove access from an administrator account that was created outside of Clever, the IT coordinator who manages rosters in your district needs to do the following:

  • Verify this administrator is not currently being shared in Clever.

  • Email, CCing your DreamBox representative.

  • In the email, include the DreamBox product you are using, all of the names and emails of the administrators that need to be removed, and request that these accounts be deactivated.

After our Customer Support team fulfills this request, these administrators will no longer have access. Please note that if the account is being shared or is shared again via Clever, the user will regain access to the DreamBox products your district is using when our team processes the next update.

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