DreamBox Math Assignments: How to Create a Personalized Assignment (Educators)

The Math Assignment tool can be used to create personalized lessons for an individual student, groups of students, or an entire class. In addition, teachers can assign 2 lessons and choose the duration of each assignment. The two assignments can be a combination of Short-Term and Long-Term Assignments. After an assignment has been created, it will be marked with a special blue icon in the student’s Lesson Chooser and will appear in the Assignment History Report. To learn more about using Assignments Effectively, open our article How to Use DreamBox Math Assignments Effectively.

DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.pngBefore you begin:
  • This article walks through how to create assignments from the teacher's Home Page.
  • Administrators can select Reports in the Top Navigation pane, select a school, teacher, and classroom in the navigation filters, and click Select inside the Assignment History tile. Administrators can also access Assignments from an educator's Home Page, using View Mode. Click here to learn more about View Mode.


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What is the difference between a Short-Term Assignment and a Long-Term Assignment? 

Assignment TypeDurationPurposeLesson Details
1 to 2
  • Introduce a concept
  • Reinforce a topic taught in class
  • Lesson Review
  • The student receives 1-2 lessons within the selected standard.
  • The student does not need to demonstrate proficiency.
  • After a student completes 1-2 lessons, they will not see additional lessons. 
2 to 10 Weeks
  • Help a student make progress in targeted areas
  • Typically used for Progress Monitoring, RTI, and MTSS
  • The student continuously receives lessons aligned to the selected standard for 2-10 weeks or until they demonstrate proficiency or the assignment is stopped.
  • The assignment will be stopped if the student completed 3 of the earliest lessons in the standard with no demonstrated understanding. 
  • The assignment will end if the student demonstrates proficiency before the end date.


DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.pngAssignments will end before the duration time if the assignment is canceled and they will not appear in the Assignment History.


Create a Personalized Assignment

  1. Select Home in the Top Navigation Pane.
  2. Using the filter drop-down menus, select the classroom and/or student you wish to view. School administrators may need to select a school and teacher first. 
  3. Click Add Assignment.

New Add Assignment button1_numbered filters.jpg

Select the parameters of the assignment
Step 1: Choose Short-Term or Long-Term by clicking the circle.

Step 2: Using the drop-down menu, customize the length of the assignment from 1-10 weeks.
Step 3: Select your academic standards, DreamBox Learning Units, domain, and/or cluster:

  • When using Assignments selected by standards, we recommend utilizing higher tiers such as Domains or Clusters, instead of the narrower standards themselves. Creating an assignment at the Domain or Cluster level will broaden the range of lessons that DreamBox can offer to the student providing more differentiated learning pathway options within Assignments.
  • Looking for your state or regional standards, click HERE
  • If a learner is struggling with lessons assigned by print program, we recommend using DBL Units to target specific concepts being taught in the classroom. 

Step 4: Choose an aligned Print Program (optional - skip to step 5 if you are not selecting an aligned print program.)

DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.pngDon't see the Print Program you're looking for? You may need to enable the print program. To open directions on how to do this, click here. After the print program is enabled, it will appear in the Assignment tool. 
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.pngWhich Print Programs does DreamBox Math support?

  • Bridges
  • Contexts for Learning Mathematics
  • Engage NY
  • enVisionmath2.0
  • Eureka Math
  • Eureka Math Squared
  • Everyday Math (Editions 3 & 4)
  • Go Math!
  • Illustrative Math (grades K-5 & 6-8)
  • Math Expressions
  • Origo Stepping Stones
  • TERC Investigations 3

Step 5: Select an Assessment (optional).

DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.pngIf you would like to use NWEA or the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics assessment to create assignments, open the articles below to learn more:


Preview Sample Lessons

After selecting the parameters of the assignment, review the description of the standard and click Just Started Lesson, In-Progress Lesson, or Review Lesson to preview samples of the different lessons the standard includes.

Assignments.previewlessons. redone.final_flatten.jpg


Select Students

Check the boxes of all students you would like to receive the assignment. For students who have Standard Not Started or have Standard In Progress, the lesson box will automatically be checked. 

Save the Assignment

Save your new assignment by clicking the Add Assignment button in the bottom-left corner of your screen.


The assignment will be created and appear in the Assignment History Report.

The students will be able to identify their lessons by the special blue icon that appears next to the assigned lesson. A student may need to complete an existing lesson before the new lesson will appear or primary students may need to pick up a backpack for the lesson to appear on their Lesson Chooser. 


Assignment FAQs 

Q: Why can’t I create an assignment for a particular student?

A: The student already has two open assignments. Each student can only work on two open assignments at a time. The student already has an In Progress or Not Started assignment for this standard. Once the assignment is completed, you can reassign it. 

Q: Why is my student’s name grayed out and I’m unable to add an assignment? 

A: The student already has two open assignments. Each student can only work on two open assignments at a time. 

Q: How do assignments affect student placement within the curriculum? 

A: The results of the assignments will be recorded in the student’s account and any relevant growth the student makes will be displayed on the Insight Dashboard, but assignments will not affect the student’s placement otherwise. This means you can safely use DreamBox Assignments to introduce new concepts or review old concepts without affecting their curricular placement. 

Q: What if my student has multiple teachers or is in more than one classroom? 

A: If a student has more than one teacher with access to their account, all teachers can create or cancel assignments for the student. If the student is in more than one classroom, you will see an option to select which classroom the assignment should be tracked under when creating the lesson. You can also see the name of the teacher who created the assignment. 

Q: When I create an assignment, why doesn’t DreamBox hide all other lesson recommendations? 

A: The Assignments tool honors student agency by continuing to present other concepts for the student to complete. Just as a student can choose not to complete homework, a student can choose to not complete a DreamBox assignment. This is critical to building strong decision-making principles by the student. They need to make the best choice, based on the information they have. 

Q: How do I cancel an assignment? 

A: For directions on how to cancel an assignment, open our support article here.


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