DreamBox Math Educator Dashboard: View and Edit all Educators (Administrators)

You can use the Educators tab to review, update, and create teacher and administrator roles in DreamBox. Your dashboard roster management permissions will determine if you can see and use this tool. Click here to learn more about View and Edit dashboard roster permissions.

DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.png Note: Educator email addresses cannot be edited in the Educators tab. Please reach out to your DreamBox site administrator if an educator's email address needs to be changed.


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Explore the Educators Tab

Open the Educators Tab

  1. Sign in to your Dreambox Math account.
  2. Select the Settings icon in the top navigation pane. 
  3. Select the Educators tab.


DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Comprehension_50px.png  If you are unsure how to log in to DreamBox Math, click here for more information.


Filter the Educators Tab

Your DreamBox role and editing permissions affect what you see in the Educators tab. The school drop-down filter at the top of the page will default to show the highest level of your permissions.

District-level administrators:

  • The Users drop-down menu defaults to Assigned and shows all educators assigned to the selected school. To see educators who are not associated with a school, select Unassigned. (The School and Role drop-down will vanish).
  • The School drop-down menu defaults to All Schools and you will see all staff members in your district who have District Admin permissions.
  • The Role drop-down filter is greyed out when viewing District Administrators.

When you select a specific school in the School drop-down, the Role drop-down becomes available. It defaults to All, showing all educators associated with that school. Use this filter to select a group of educators based on role. You can choose between:

  • District Admin *When viewing an individual school it is uncommon to see staff members with this role.
  • School Admin
  • Teacher

School-level administrators:

  • School-level administrators will see all staff members associated with their school.
  • If you are associated with only one school in DreamBox, the drop-down defaults to that school. The Role drop-down defaults to All, showing all educators associated with that school. Use this filter to select a group of educators based on role.
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.png Note: Teachers do not have access to the Educators tab.

Open an Educator Account for Editing

Update the School and Role drop-downs to locate the educator account you wish to edit, and then click the Edit button.


Depending on your district's roster management settings, you will have Edit or View access in the Educators tab. To determine which type of access you have, open the Educators tab and check the Note near the top of the page. Click here to learn more about Edit or View access. If your access needs to be updated, please reach out to your site or district IT administrative team. 

Edit Restrictions_Note.png

DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.png Note: Even if you have editing permissions, you may see that the Edit button is greyed out for specific educators. This indicates that this educator account is in the process of being created or edited in our system and that the staff member is temporarily unavailable for editing. 


Update an Educator's First or Last Name

  • Click the Edit button next to the name of the educator.
  • Type your update to the first or last name in the fields. 
  • Click Update to save your changes.


Assign an Educator to a Classroom

  • Click the Edit button next to the name of the educator.
  • In the Classrooms section, click Add Classroom. 
  • Select the correct school and classroom from the drop-down list, and then click Submit
  • Click Update to save your changes.


Edit an Educator’s Role

  • Click the Edit button next to the name of the educator.
  • Click the Role drop-down and select the appropriate role.

If you selected the role School Admin, click Add School, select the appropriate school from the drop-down list, and click Submit

  • Click Update to save your changes.
DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.png Note: If your district IT team is sharing this educator via your automated rostering method, the educator role will retain the update you made in the dashboard even if their role is different in the district rostering files.



Update Unassigned Educators

DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.png Only educators with a District Admin role can view Unassigned educators.


  • Find the Unassigned educator
  1. Select Unassigned in the Users drop-down. 
  2. Click the Edit button next to the name of the educator.
  • Update the educator
    1. To update the educator's role and assign them to a school, follow the directions in the Edit an Educator’s Role section of this article.
    2. To assign the educator to a classroom and assign them to a school, follow the directions in the Assign an Educator to a Classroom section of this article. 

After you have updated the educator, click Update to save your changes. 


Manually Create New Educator Accounts

Depending on your rostering permissions, you can manually create new individual educator accounts inside the Educator tab or upload a list of new educators and their information using the Insight Roster Upload feature in the Roster Upload tab. 

Before You Create a New Educator Account

Step 1: Confirm the educator does not exist in DreamBox.

Search for the educator in the Educator tab. Make sure you review the specific pages where they may appear:

  1. If they should be a District Admin, filter for All Schools in the School drop-down.
  2. If they should be a teacher or an administrator at a school, filter for that specific school in the School drop-down.
  3. Don't forget to check to see if they are listed as an Unassigned staff member. 

Step 2: Confirm how your district or school shares rosters with DreamBox.

Your rostering method will determine your next steps. If your district or school uses: 

  • An automated method (Clever, ClassLink, or DreamBox ARM). Any staff member who is not shared via your rostering method will not be able to log in via Single Sign-On (SSO). Instead of creating an account manually, reach out to your district IT team so they share the educator via Clever, ClassLink or DreamBox ARM. Please only create an account manually if there is no option to create the account via your rostering method. 
  • Insight Roster Upload you can create educators manually. Note: If you need to create educators in bulk, we recommend creating and uploading an Educator spreadsheet. Click HERE to learn more. 


Creating A New Educator Account

  • Select the educator's school in the School drop-down.
  • Click Add New Educator.


  • Complete the First Name, Last Name, and Email fields.
  • Select the RoleSchool, and Classroom (if needed)
  • Click Save. The staff member will appear on the correct School page in the Educator tab. 


DB-Icons_20221116_1-Color_Constantly learning_50px.png

Note: Any educator you create in the Educator tab will log in directly to DreamBox. They will not be able to log in via Single Sign-On through your district or a third-party portal. They will not know they have an account or how to set their password and sign in unless you share that information with them. We recommend that you:

  • Send an email to the educator letting them know they now have a DreamBox account.
  • Include a link to this support article. It will walk them through how to set their password and log in for the first time.


Creating New Educator Accounts in Bulk

If you need to create multiple educator accounts, we recommend you add the information for each educator amount to an Educator spreadsheet and upload the spreadsheet in the Roster Upload tab. This is part of the Insight Roster Upload rostering method. 

  • To learn more about the overall Insight Roster Upload process, including directions on how to prepare the Educator spreadsheet, click here.
  • To learn more about how to prepare the Educator spreadsheet, click here


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