DreamBox Math Family Dashboard: Logging In

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Both Home Subscriptions and School Subscriptions of DreamBox Learning include parent access to a Family Dashboard that can be used to track student learning.

If you have a Home Subscription, your Family Dashboard access is set up as soon as you start the Free Trial or purchase the subscription. Click HERE for more information.

If your student uses DreamBox through their school, you will need to first set up parent access by following the instructions HERE.

Logging in to your Family Dashboard

After setting up parent access, you can log in to your Family Dashboard using the email address and password you created.

1) Visit https://play.dreambox.com/play/login and enter your email address and password.


2) If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot password?" and enter your email address when prompted. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.


3) Click Log In to access your Family Dashboard.

For information on how to use the Family Dashboard, click HERE.


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