DreamBox Math: Continuous Assessment

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The DreamBox Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ program provides truly individualized instruction for every student, adapting our lessons, scaffolding, and pacing based on each student’s unique needs. As students work on math problems using our interactive virtual manipulatives, the DreamBox Intelligent Adaptive Learning™ engine captures, analyzes, and responds to every decision a student makes. DreamBox goes beyond tracking whether a student’s answer was right or wrong and assesses each student on around 60 different behaviors, including the amount of time it takes to solve a problem, the number of hints used, and the strategies they use to construct the answer to a problem.

Our continuous assessment guides students through their math development and determines their optimal learning zone, which is where a student is continually challenged enough to stay interested but not too challenged to become frustrated. DreamBox is designed around the ideal of a personal math teacher for each student, with infinite time and infinite patience.

Mistakes are not discouraged in DreamBox - we consider them teachable moments. We don’t call out the student or make them feel as if they failed. Instead, we offer guidance to another way of approaching the problem. Their answers will directly affect which lessons are presented next.

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