The Importance of Student ID Numbers in DreamBox Math

Dreambox uses school student ID numbers to identify each student inside the platform. All student progress is associated with the school student ID number. Accurate student numbers in DreamBox are essential when learning the student’s optimal learning zone and tracking a student's overall progress and proficiency.

If an existing student is entered into a classroom roster with a new student ID number, this student appears as a totally new user with no prior DreamBox lesson history. DreamBox will not be able to access any of the student’s previously demonstrated understanding or proficiency.

For this reason, it is vital that each student is given a unique student ID number that is never re-used for a different student. Of equal importance is for all students to use the same student number, year after year.

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What if I don’t want to use an actual student number – what “number” can be used instead of an official Student ID number?

Any unique string of characters (numbers and/or letters) can be used in place of a student number as long as it is both unique for each individual student in the entire district and consistent so that the same student has the same characters for each year.

If you choose not to use school-provided student ID numbers, we recommend sticking to a standard format in order to ensure consistency on the account. Some of these formats could include:

  • A combination of first/last name and/or initials together with a unique number such as a lunch number or birthdate

  • Unique login usernames can double as a unique student IDs 

  • Any other format that all educators in your district will be able to identify as unique and consistent per student 


What happens when a student is uploaded with an ID number that already exists in DreamBox?

Since DreamBox uses the student number as the unique identifier of the account, a new student who is assigned a school ID number that already exists in our system will actually not be a “new” student at all – rather, their DreamBox account will start with all of the lesson history connected to the existing student number.

For this reason, it is very important that student ID numbers are not re-used amongst different students.

If a student is uploaded with a new student ID number, but the student already exists in our system with a different student ID number, DreamBox will not be able to know that these two accounts belong to the same individual. This is true even if the new number only includes a minor change, such as dashes between the digits. Thus, a new student account will be created, and the student will lose any lesson history they may already have within DreamBox.

Since all historical lesson information is tied to the student ID number, and not the name of a student, it is vital that the student ID number is accurate and unique to that student. If there is an error, the student may not be able to access DreamBox until the student ID issue is resolved. This is why having accurate and consistent student ID numbers is vital right from the start!

What do I do if I get a message that the student ID number is already taken? What do I do if I get a message that the username is already taken, and I am setting student usernames to be the same as student ID numbers?

If you are not able to locate an existing student inside DreamBox but think that the student should already have an account, please do not create an account with a different student number. This will create a duplicate account for the student, and DreamBox will not be able to access the proficiency data associated with the old account. Instead, please reach out to your school administrator or DreamBox Learning Customer Success so the correct account can be identified.

Likewise, if you receive an error regarding duplicate student ID numbers or duplicate usernames, and you are confused as to the source of this error, please reach out to DreamBox Customer Success so that we may identify the correct student account and prevent the potential loss of student progress.

What if my student ID numbers start with a zero? 

Schools that use the Insight Roster Upload process to provide rosters to us must complete two Microsoft Excel templates and upload the files to us in the comma delimited - *.CSV – format via the Insight Dashboard. Microsoft Excel often drops the leading zeros from student ID numbers when files are saved and opened in the *.CSV format. There is a simple fix to ensure leading zeros in the student IDs are maintained, so it is important to let DreamBox Customer Success know if student ID numbers begin with a zero to ensure that these are accurately reflected in the roster upload. 

What is the correct process if existing students need a new student number? 

Since all student progress and proficiency data is attached to the student ID number, it is vital that you communicate directly to the DreamBox Customer Success team if you are expecting student numbers to change for existing students, or if you feel there is an error in the number used for a particular student or group of students.

Please do not simply change the student number associated with students in a roster upload as this will create duplicated accounts and student lesson history will be lost. Instead, please reach out to DreamBox Customer Support so we can work with you to update existing student ID numbers to reflect how you would like them to appear.

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